MOBILITYACTIONS in Germany 2022 (total number: 22)

Netzwerk intelligente Mobilität e.V.
"Better connected in the region - intermunicipal mobility-day as part of the European Mobility Week"
16 September 2022
Transition Town in cooperation with Local Agenda 21 Augsburg - panel on traffic
'Session in Motion'
Permanent since
01 October 2021
Intermodal Logisitics Chains in Cities: How standardized containers can optimize the "last mile"
Permanent since
01 February 2021
ITS Hamburg 2021 GmbH
'Preparation of ITS World Congress 2021' in Hamburg, Germany
Permanent since
16 September 2020
ITS Hamburg 2021 GmbH
'EIT Urban Mobility' in Hamburg, Germany
Permanent since
16 September 2020
Port of Hamburg
Hamburg - SMOOTH PORTS - Reducing CO2 Emissions in Ports
01 September 2020
- 31 January 2023
Designing with Lego: The Eco-Cities of Tomorrow
01 September 2020
- 31 August 2022
Port of Hamburg
Hamburg - North Sea CONNECT
01 September 2020
- 31 March 2023
iRights.Lab - Move Mobility
Project Move Mobility
01 January 2020
- 30 December 2022
tsenso GmbH
ROSY takes care of people and the environment
Permanent since
16 September 2018
Mobile AirQuality Measurement project studies hyper-local air quality in Aachen with IoT
Permanent since
10 September 2018
Mobimeo - Changing the way cities move
Permanent since
27 June 2018
ioki - inspiring smart mobility
Permanent since
11 October 2017
Commons Cargobikes
'Forum Commons Cargobike' inb
Permanent since
01 January 2014
ParkTAG GmbH
ParkTAG - No more parking search. Ever!
Door2Door GmbH
allygator shuttle
Fachforum Verkehr der Lokalen Agenda 21
Max and Moritz - open transportation bicycles
eMobility in Birkenau / Weinheim
CleverShuttle - GHT Mobility GmbH
ZeroEmission RidePooling Service (CleverShuttle)
Borough of Hamburg-Altona
Cycling route "Veloroute 1" in Ottensen, Hamburg, Germany
Hamburg - Green Silver Age Mobility (GreenSAM) – Developing Green Mobility Solutions for Silver Agers
Telekom MobilitySolutions
Telekom MobilitySolutions – sustainable and guaranteed mobility for employees